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How To Become A Opera News Hub Creator / Writer

Opera News Hub is a very wide platform owns by a Chinese company in Nigeria and some other countries around the world. 

It has been in existence since some years back but, it's just giving a very huge opportunity to many people out there who are very intelligent, talented and so skillful in writing.

This is a very good opportunity for you, if you are one of those people outside there, that has been looking for one or other way of showcasing your writing ability to the world as you can now be a very good and perfect Creator/Writer under the platform of Opera News Hub.

Making money made easier as you can be earning as much as ₦100,0000.00 per month. Yes! I mean 100k each month, depends on how your clicks are reaching.

The steps to create your account are very easy with some very nice payment plans that will be sharing according to how your impressions are.


You can use these following means for the creation of your account:

  • Your Email Address,
  • Phone Number, or 
  • Facebook Account for registration.

Note: - It's always advisable to use Facebook for your registration for quality reference on the Opera News Hub platform. It helps to avoid some unnecessary disheartening after the creation and its bring nice relationship between the creator and the platform itself.

While using your Facebook account in registration, this doesn't mean you will not be needed your phone number and email address again. In the process of registering, there are spaces designated for them to be filled in and that will be taking us to...

Step 2. As you've had all these necessary things in place. You can easily use your Opera News Hub App by downloading it from Google Play Store in case you haven't has one on your phone. Launch the App and check down side by your right hand corner where you'll see an image symbolising human (ME) is written. Click there and continue processing your application.

Step 3. After clicking on the image, it will take your to where you're to fill in your details and it will show (Be A Creator). Click on it and here are the necessary things to be filled in;

  • It will show Optimising Your Account
  • Your name.
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Account Description etc. Kindly fill them without missing words.

After filling all these, you're now at the edge of becoming a creator/writer for Opera News Hub.

Note: - There are still some steps to go and that will be sharing on our next articles. So, stay with us as we'll be showing your how you'll be linking your account with the payment platform (Opay) with full registration.
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