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How To Make Money Creating And Selling Your Ebook

What is an EBook?
EBook means electronic book. A long document stored (as data) that is or will become a book.
An example of an eBook is the one you are reading now. It is very simple to create. It is said to be one way of digitizing writers. I will teach you how to create one and make money selling it. Just keep reading.

Creating Your eBook 
This is very simple to do. First of all, you have to plan on what you want to write about. Think of the language to use, make sure you write what people will understand.

I want you to know that how bulky your eBook is does not really matter. What matters is the impart it will have on your readers. So write what would benefit them.

Then Design your eBook cover using Photoshop, Corel draw or anyother photo editor you are conversant with. If you are conversant with none, you can still search on Google for site that will generate eBook covers for you.

The next thing to do is to set to work. Start writing your eBook. This is where so many have problems. They think that one needs to download a certain software or the other to start writing ebooks or that one needs to undergo a training. But that is not true. Just know what to write and start writing with any text editor. You could use MS word to write. That's just it.

When you are through with your writing, you need to save your work. For your eBook to be published online, you need to save it in a portable format. The PDF format is very portable that when you save your work as .pdf it could be viewed by almost every computer and mobile phone.

But MS word does not normally allow you to save in .pdf but it does allow most formats. So to save your eBook as .pdf all you need to do is do what I learnt from my very good friend Prosper Noah CEO of He taught me to use "Save as PDF Add-in". Downland it here. After download, Go back to MS word. Then click on " Save As" then choose "PDF" then save. Yay! Your eBook has been created. So simple huh? Yeah it is.

Start Making Money With Your eBook
Do you think this is hard? There is nothing hard in monetizing your eBook. And there is no magic in monetizing your eBook. You only make money from your eBook by selling your eBook.

You could use platforms such as Amazon, SelleBook and others to sell your eBook though you would be charged as you generate sales.

But you can avoid charges and still make your money. If you've got a blog, use it to monetize your eBook. Write a few post that summarizes it and add the eBook to your blog.

You could also use social media to monetize your eBook. We have a group on Facebook Name "Bloggers Helping Bloggers- BHB" and it has about 18,000 members. So you could join such groups, write the sumarry of your eBook, then ask interested ones to pay while you just send the already published eBook to their email addresses.

Other Tips To Consider

  • Your success does not depend on how lengthy you content is. It depends on how it imparts knowledge into your readers and buyers.
  • Make your eBook very cheap else you will end up selling nothing.
If you know any other way(s) one can monetize his eBook, drop your comments below. Make sure you share with friends.
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