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How To Sign Up For Facebook

How to sign up for facebook
I know what's ringing in your mind right now. You must be wondering why I'm writing this post this 21st century where even a kid can Sign up for Facebook. I too, I'm wondering why I'm writing it too, LoL.
Just few weeks ago, a girl met me asking me to help her Sign up for Facebook. I was like "am I really hearing this from her?" I couldn't even laugh. Anyway, that's my profession. I got to help. I assumed there maybe hundreds out there who are like here and so I am writing this post.

How To Sign Up For Facebook
The first thing to do is to get a valid email address or a mobile number. When you are through with that, go to on that page, click on "Create New Account"
A form-Like page will open, fill the form with the following: First Name, Surname, Phone Number or Email Address, Gender, Birthday, New Password.
Finally, click on "Sign Up"

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Follow the above steps and your Facebook account is created. Connect with friends and enjoy.

Have you created your account? are you having challenges creating yours? Or do you have anything to say about this post? Endeavor to let me know through the comment box below. And don't be stingy! Make sure you share with friends.
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