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How To Get Girls To LIke You

how to get girls to like you
You think you're of the dating age and you're looking for someone to kick off with but you find out that whenever you make a move, you fail. Do not worry as I'm going to teach you how you can get girls to like you. 

How To Get Girls To Like You 

The first thing you have to do is to take care of your manners. When you have good manners, you show that you respect others and that you are developing a mature personality. Make sure you do not put up good manners just to impress that girl, cultivate it and let it be part of you. Record has shown that girls find it attractive when boys display good manners even in the smallest things like opening the door for them. 

Another thing to do is to maintain a sense of personal hygiene. Maintaining a good personal hygiene shows you respect yourself and when you respect yourself, others will surely respect you. And if you don't care about your hygiene, girls won't care about you. 

Try to become conversational. Good communication is basic for a lasting relationship. And while discussing, discuss not only your interests but also that of your friend. Record has shown that boys are attracted to what they see while girls are attracted to what they hear. 

Take the initiative. when you've seen a girl you'll like to date, keeping silent won't help matters so let her know you're interested in her. Though it can be nervous, your being willing to talk to her shows that you've grown up. 

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Respect the girls decision. If the girl turns you down, respect her because she knows her own her and that her "no" means no. 

Never flirt. A flirt uses flattering speech and provocative body language. A girl knows that a flirt has no intention of an honorable relationship. Girls also know that flirts make poor friends and worse marriage mates. 

Don't toil with a girls feelings. If you're not attracted to her, don't act as if you are. Assuming your male friend gets a new cloth, you might compliment him and its OK. But when you do that to a girl, she might feel you have romantic interest in her. So know how to talk to girls you are not attracted to. 

Never think that all girls will like you. Such thinking is unrealistic. But some will really like you if you do all that are contained in this post. 

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