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How To Change Your Google+ Profile URL To Custom

This is essential in the sense that it enables you use a web you can remember which will make it easy for you to refer people to your Google+ profile.
eg: changing from to

While doing this, make sure you use a computer because an android app/ mobile browser/ iPad or iPhone might not work well.

But there are requirements you have to meet before getting a custom URL for Google+ profile. And they include
You must have 10 or more followers.
Your account should be at least a month old.
Your profile has a photo.
Your account details is valid and not banned.

Get a custom URL for your Google+ profile.

1. Sign in to Google+ with your google account details.

2. If there is a custom URL available for your account, you will see a banner at the top of your screen. So click the link in the banner.

3. Custom URLs you can choose will not be displayed. So choose anyone you want. If you wish, you can include letters or numbers to thus URL.

4. Now click on "I agree to terms of service". Then click change URL.

5. Now verify your account with your mobile phone number.

6. Now if you've checked the URL and think its worthy, click "Confirm Choice".

Note: You cannot change your URL after this one. So be sure you are sure before clicking "Confirm Choice".

Have you done yours? Are you yet to do yours but have some complications? Why waste time. Use the comment box below to inform me.
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