How To Detect A Scammer

Who is a scammer? A scammer is a person who swindles you by
means of deception or fraud either offine or online. Today, I am going to write about

how to detect an online scammer

1. They promise to make you rich overnight.
A scammer will prey on your hopes and dreams. - being rich without lifting a finger. They tell you that your dreams will come true but only when you do as they say.

2. The source of their income
is unknown.

Any making money dependently on you
need you to succeed in order for him to succeed. Any dependent on you
for their own well-being is much less likely to be a scammer, since they cannot survive if you don't make money.

3. They make a "buy now statement".
Confused? No need. The create a feeling of scarcity to make their services valuable.

4. They require you to pay up

That is, the ask you to make payments before you will be able
to use their service.

5. They dont get rich on their scams
If they do, only few