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How To Register For Yudala Yuboss Scheme And Earn Money

Sometime in August, Yudala announced a
landmark partnership agreement with Access Bank Plc and
telecommunications giants, Airtel on the implementation of its new entrepreneurial scheme called YUBOSS.

With YUBOSS, you can make money without investing a dime. You will be able to sell smartphones and other things with zero capital.

All you need do is to sell world class products from the inventory at or any of Yudala Offline Stores nationwide and Yudala shall deliver to your customer anywhere in Nigeria and then credit your bank account with agreed commission
(dala) immediately.

How To Register

Formerly, you could join by going to but it no longer that way. That is why I'm writing this post.

So to register now, go to

Fill the form, then go to your email to see your details.

Join today to be your own boss!

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