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How To Verify Adsense Account Using Phone Number

One thing is to get approved by adsense and another thing is to
verify your adsense.

I know of a blogger who waited for about 3 months to recieve his pin from adsense but didn't succeed so he reqeusted for another pin. He did this for a third time but
recieved no pin until google mailed him telling him that unpaid ads would begin to show on his blog.

He had no option than to source ways through which he could verify his adsense. And so, he came up with the idea
of verifying his adsense with his
phone number.

This is how he did
it below:-

1) Go to­adsense/bin/

2) Make sure to fill the form with geniune information (Email, Name, Publisher ID...)

3) Input your phone number in its field. Make sure the phone number you are giving is same with the one
in your adsense account information.

4) Finally, Click on Submit.
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