How To Add Back To Top Button To Blogger

Back To Top Buttons

How To Add Back To Top Button To Blogger

One of the benefits of adding the Back To Top button is that it helps your blog readers to navigate your blog easily.

Now follow the steps I will share below to add the Back To Top button to you blogger blog.

1) First you have login to Blogger.

2) Choose the blog you want to edit

3) Go to "Layout" and select "Add gadget" (Note: It is best added to the footer of your blog)

4) Now click here to select a design and generate the code.

5) Now paste the code to your blog and save.

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How To Verify Adsense Account Using Phone Number

One thing is to get approved by adsense and another thing is to
verify your adsense.

I know of a blogger who waited for about 3 months to recieve his pin from adsense but didn't succeed so he reqeusted for another pin. He did this for a third time but
recieved no pin until google mailed him telling him that unpaid ads would begin to show on his blog.

He had no option than to source ways through which he could verify his adsense. And so, he came up with the idea
of verifying his adsense with his
phone number.

This is how he did
it below:-

1) Go to­adsense/bin/

2) Make sure to fill the form with geniune information (Email, Name, Publisher ID...)

3) Input your phone number in its field. Make sure the phone number you are giving is same with the one
in your adsense account information.

4) Finally, Click on Submit.

How To Add Link To Comment In Blogger

Adding link to Comment in a blog is a means of getting backlink to your blog. When you comment on a post about weight loss and add a link to a post also about weight loss you created, people will like to click on the link to find out more.

So today, I will be dropping the tutorial in two ways.

1. Type your comment then go down to "comment as". Now choose "Name/URL". Now two boxes will open. In the first one add your name and in the second one, Add the URL you want people to land. That's all but its not the ultimate.

2. This second step is the ultimate. You will use normal comment method. But you have to Add some HTML tags (don't worry, I will teach you how). After typing your comment, add this to it HowWriter. That's it. Now you will have to change the link ( to any link you want people to land and the text (HowWriter) you also have to change it to any text you want people to see.

How To Use Twitterfeed On Your Blog

Twitterfeed helps you feed your blog to twitter, facebook, linkedin and other social networks. But what does that mean? It simply means that when you register for twitterfeed, then post a new content on your blog, it will automaticaly be posted on your twitter handle, facebook timeline or page and many other networks.

Is that not great? Sure it is. Now lets roll over to how to register for twitterfeed.

Follow the steps below to register.

1. You have to go to and click on "Register Now"

2. Fill the form and click on submit

3. Log in to twitterfeed

4. Once you are logged in, go to upper right and click on "Create New Feed"

5. Put the feed name (you can use any name) and blog URL and click on "Contineu to step 2"

6. Set up the services you need. Like twitter and facebook.

This is just it! If you've got any Ideas, Questions kindly use the comment box to inform me.

How To Achieve Success In Blogging

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Many Blogger thinks that blogging is a get rich business, some don't want to know How To Achieve Success In Blogging all they want is to Make Much Money From Blogging even when they haven't posted any thing in there blog, some will have 2 or 8 post in there blog, With there 2 post they feel that they can make money From there blog.

This is totally Impossible because if your mind set is to Make money From Blogging and you relax without working it out or working hard. You will totally fail.

In other for you To be successful in blogging you need to Have these important Guidelines,

1) Blog Niche: A Blog Niche is the act of creating a blog with a special interest of using it to help people with information, Or it can be What you passionate about. examples of Blog Niches are Technology Niche, Entertainment Niche, Health Niche, How To, School Niche Etc. By focusing on a particular Niche your blog will be known for your Niche. Just like Ogbonge blog is a Tech Blog (technology), linda ikeji blog is an entertainment blog, how writer is a How writer Blog.

2) Write Unique Content: writing a unique post is when someone does not copy some else's post. Because when you copy someone's post and past it in your blog google adsense will not approve your request, that's why you have to set your blog apart by cracking your brain and think out something Unique to post.

3) Regularly posting: In other to serve your readers well and better you have to be consistent in posting so people can get help from your post. Many blogs if you search there blogs, you will find out that there last post was on 2012 some there own was on 2015.
These Bloggers will lose Traffic because there blogs are not upto date. Try to make your blog upto date.

4) Make your blog SEO friendly: It means
writing your blog in a way that makes it will appear in google to show up in search results, it can be a big help in other to get organic traffic in your blog. But you don't need to post any how post with key words.

5) Share your post : in blogging you need to share your post. In other to get traffic in your blog, you have to be uploading your post in different search engine like yandex, yahoo etc. You can share your post in different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instergarm, stumble upon, linkedin, Whatsapp,Google+ etc

Enjoy yourself..
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