How To Take A Screen Shot With PC (Computer) - Updated

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Many people might be doubting the truthfulness of the title of this post. But this is really true. You can take a screen shot with your laptop or desktop just as you do in android phone.

To take a screen shot with your PC, follow the instructions below:

1. locate and click on "Prt Sc" on your keyboard

2. open a graphic program like paint etc.

3. on your keyboard, click CTRL+V or "right click" and
select "paste"

4. crop out the area you want and "right click" to copy

5. open a new documents in the same program you are using (that is, if you are you using paint, open a
new program in paint )

6. in the new document, click CTRL+V or "right click"
to select "Paste"

7. finally, save the program..

That is how to How To Take a Screen Shot With PC.
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  1. thanks for the tutorial. I've learnt this one.

  2. I never doubted you Golden.

    Using the prt sc and pasting on Paint is one of my favourite.

    But aside that, there is still another way i do take screenshot on my pc.

    Click on the start button. Search for snipping tool

    Click on the snipping tool and it would open.

    The snipping tool allows you take a shot of any particular part of your screen as well as your entire pc display

  3. is that so? Well thanks for the new tip you dropped. I've learnt something new.

  4. How to take screenshots from your pc without any software

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