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How To Take A Screen Shot With PC (Computer) - Updated

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Many people might be doubting the truthfulness of the title of this post. But this is really true. You can take a screen shot with your laptop or desktop just as you do in android phone.

To take a screen shot with your PC, follow the instructions below:

1. locate and click on "Prt Sc" on your keyboard

2. open a graphic program like paint etc.

3. on your keyboard, click CTRL+V or "right click" and
select "paste"

4. crop out the area you want and "right click" to copy

5. open a new documents in the same program you are using (that is, if you are you using paint, open a
new program in paint )

6. in the new document, click CTRL+V or "right click"
to select "Paste"

7. finally, save the program..

That is how to How To Take a Screen Shot With PC.
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