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How To Create A Facebook Page For Business - Updated

A Facebook PERSONAL page is extremely different from a Facebook BUSINESS page.

A Facebook business page helps you promote your business. How? Facebook has over a billion users, imagine if it were to be a country, it'd be the third most populated country in the world so when you create a page and work hard to receive much likes, you see your business flourish.

So here are the steps you should follow when trying to create a Facebook page for business ;

- First log in to

- Go to settings and click on "create a page"

-There are about six categories of pages in Facebook and they are:
1. Local business or place
2. company, organization or institution
3. Brand or product
4. Artist, band or public figure
5. Entertainment
6. Cause or community
So you have to carefully choose knowing the category your business falls in.

- After selecting the category, you have to choose the sub-category; this explains the field you page focuses on.

- Next you have to choose a page name. When doing this, you have to be careful because Facebook allows you to change your page name only once.

- After that you are supposed to write your page description and website if any.

- Finally, click on submit.

You have created your Facebook page for business.

NOTE: You have to post relevant things and post them always because Facebook is like a search engine and when you post relevant thing always, Facebook will display your page when searches related to your page are made.

And finally, try to share your page. Force your family and friends to like and share your page before strangers can follow suit.

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