How To Prepare Custard

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Custard is a nutritious type of sauce that is made from milk, eggs, sugar, and sometimes vanilla or other flavourings. It is thickened by heat.

Custard meal is usually served hot, poured over desserts, used as a filling for some pies and cakes. It is also used as a base for some savoury dishes such as quiches.

Custard meal is easy to make if you understand the basis. A lot of people often wonder how they can make a custard meal that is free of lumps.

Watery custard is also a big problem for alot of people and that's why am going to show you how to make a thick and lumps free custard meal. Enjoy!

Ingredients For Preparing Custard
• Custard Powder
• Evaporated Milk (Peak Milk) (optional)
• Water (Cold and Hot)
• Sugar or honey (to taste)

Preparation Of Custard Meal
• Put some custard powder into a medium size bowl. Custard rises during preparation so you should use a bowl big enough to contain the custard meal in its risen state.

• Start mixing by pouring a small quantity of cold water into the bowl of custard powder. Stir and add some more water till you have a medium consistency with no lumps.

• Put a kettle of water to boil. Make sure the water will be enough to make the custard meal. It is better to have too much water than not have enough.

• When the water starts boiling, stir the custard mix very well because some of the custard may have settled at the bottom of the bowl.

• If not stirred properly, this is the major cause of lumps when you start making the custard.

• Now, pour the boiling water slowly but steadily in a circular motion into the bowl of custard and stir at the same time.

• Pouring the hot water slowly and stirring at the same is the key to achieving a smooth and lumps free custard meal.

• Once you see the custard setting, stop stirring and reduce the flow of water you are pouring till the custard has completely set.

• Set the kettle aside and stir the custard very well. If it is too thick for you, add more hot water. But be careful else the custard will become watery.

• Next, add the evaporated milk and some sugar or honey to taste and stir together. Custard is ready. Serve with tomato omelette, fried eggs, pancakes or fried plantain.



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