How To Cook Plain Rice and Beans

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Plain Rice and Beans
Plain rice and beans (white rice and beans) is a staple meal in many regions around the world and Nigeria is not an exception. In Ghana it is called Waakye/Waache or Awaakye.

It’s slightly different from the way the Nigerian Rice and Beans is prepared because potash and millet leaves are usually added to the Ghanaian version.

Though the classic Nigerian Rice and Beans is not eaten plain, it’s usually served with different sauces and stews.

It also pairs well with salmon patties or vegetable salad. Here's how to make Nigerian Rice and Beans.

Ingredients For Plain Rice and Beans
• 2 cups Beans
• 3 cups Rice
• Salt to taste

Directions For Preparing Rice and Beans
• Pick your beans to get rid of any dirt or stones then rinse and transfer it to a pot. Add some water, cover it up and leave to cook for about 30 minutes.

• Rinse the rice thoroughly until the water comes out clear then add it to the beans on fire. Cook for 15 minutes and rinse.

• Rinse the pot and put it back on heat. Add some water enough to cover the rice and beans when added. Add salt to the water then cover and leave to boil.

• When it starts boiling, stir in the rinsed rice and beans, add water if necessary then cover and cook for 20 minutes without removing the lid.

• It is done when the water is totally dried up. Serve plain Rice and Beans with tomato stew, buka stew, egg stew, vegetable or chicken stew. Enjoy!



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