How To Make Nigerian Fried Eggs

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Fried Eggs
Fried eggs is one of the easiest Nigerian cuisines anyone can ever make. It is delicious, simple and time saving.

You don't need any cooking skill or experience to make fried eggs. It is perfect for breakfast, just serve alongside bread and tea or eat with fried yam or plantain.

Here's Nigerian fried eggs recipe.

Ingredients For Nigerian Fried Eggs
• 2 fresh Eggs
• 2/3 fresh tomatoes
• 1 bulb of onions
• Fresh pepper (to taste)
• Salt to taste
• A pinch of maggi
• 5cl Vegetable oil

Directions For Nigerian Fried Eggs
• Wash and slice the onions, pepper and tomatoes into tiny pieces and set them aside. Break the eggs into a plate and whisk properly.

• Heat your frying pan for a minute then add about 5cl of oil, allow to heat for 30 seconds before adding the sliced onions, then tomato and pepper as well.

• Fry for 5 to 10 minutes before spraying a pinch of salt to taste, then about a half cube of maggi or knorr (I prefer less).

• Stir, and then make sure it is spread evenly on the frying pan and boiling in very little oil. Then pour in the eggs to cover the frying ingredients.

• Allow the eggs to fry for a minute before flipping. Then fry the other side for another 1 minute. It's ready.

• Fried Eggs can be served with fried plantain, yam, potatoes or bread and tea/pap. Enjoy!



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