How To Cook Nigerian Black Soup

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Black Soup
Black soup is a delicious and healthy Nigerian soup. It is made from a combination of ground leafy vegetables which gives it a dark color.

Nigerian black soup is native to the people from the south-south in Edo state. It is called black soup because it traditionally looks dark in colour.

Ingredients For Nigerian Black Soup
• 1 fresh fish
• 6 pieces beef
• 1 medium size smoked Fish
• 4 pieces pomo
• 1 cup periwinkle
• 1 spoon ground crayfish
• 2 medium sized yellow pepper
• 2 cups banga juice (palm fruit extract) or palm oil
• 1 medium bunch scent leaves
• 1 handful washed bitter leaves
• 1 medium bunch uziza leaves
• 1 medium bunch ugwu leaves
• 2 seasoning cubes
• Salt to taste

Cooking Directions For Black Soup
• The first step is to re-wash the already hand washed bitter leaf with clean water then squeeze off excess water and set aside.

• Soak the scent leaves, uziza leaves and ugwu leaves in salty water for 5 mins and rinse with clean water. Chop into smaller pieces with a knife and place in a a blender with the washed bitter leaves.

• Add a little water just to make the blades of the blender move then grind and set this aside. Blend the yellow peppers and keep aside for later use.

• Place the beef and pomo in a small pot, add the seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Cook for about 20 minutes till tender and the liquid in the pot reduces.

• Add the washed smoked fish and fresh fish, banga juice, blended pepper, crayfish, washed periwinkles and leave to cook further for about 10 minutes.

• Gently pour in the blended vegetables, stir and cook for another 10-12 minutes before turning off the burner.

• That's it, your Black Soup is ready for consumption. Serve with pounded yam, semolina, cassava fufu or any other swallow of your choice.



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