Chicken Pepper Soup

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Chicken Pepper Soup
Chicken Pepper Soup is a delicious spicy soup made with chicken meat pieces, spices, herbs and a host of local ingredients which boosts it taste and aroma.

Nigerian chicken pepper soup has a watery texture unlike Goat Meat or Assorted Meat pepper soup which is usually thick and has a strong aroma.

• Prep Time: 10 minutes
• Cook Time: 30 minutes
• Misc:            Serve hot

Ingredients For Chicken Pepper Soup
• 1 medium sized whole chicken
• 3 Calabash Nutmeg seeds (Ehu/Ariwo)
• 1 teaspoon of Thyme
• 2 tablespoon ground chilli pepper (or as desired)
• A handful scent leaves
• 1 medium sized onion
• 2 seasoning cubes
• Salt to taste

Cooking Directions For Chicken Pepper Soup
• Using an old frying pan, roast the nutmeg seeds. stirring constantly till you can smell it. Try to remove the outer membrane, if it comes off easily, then the nutmeg is done.

• Peel off the nutmeg skin and grind/blend or pound into a smooth powder and set aside. Slice the onions and set aside.

• Cut the chicken into sizeable chunks and place in a pot. Pour water just enough to cover the chicken, add the crushed seasoning cubes and chopped onions then bring to the boil.

• Once it starts to boil add the ground pepper, nutmeg, thyme and salt to taste then continue cooking for about 5 more minutes.

• Once the chicken is done, add the chopped scent leaves. Leave to simmer for about 3 minutes and it's ready!

Chicken pepper soup is usually served hot on its own or with agidi/eko, white rice or yam and any drink of choice. Enjoy!



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